Shetland on TV

Shetland on TV

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Shetland has been featured many, many times in various TV shows, Documentaries and Movies over the years.  Unfortunately, I can not find one place that lists all of the information. This project is an attempt to collate all that is available with links to content where applicable.


Himmelblå (2008 – 2010)

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Norwegian TV drama Himmelblå popped over to Shetland to record Episode 7 of Season 3 in 2010. It is based on the British TV drama Two Thousand Acres of Sky. The bulk of this episode is in Norwegian with no subtitles. Season 3 Episode 7:-

Go, 4, 5! (1993)

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Go, 4, 5! was a programme designed for Scottish Primaries 4 & 5.  They were in Shetland in 1993 for a feature on the Braer and visited Hamnavoe.  Quite painful to watch really but I am sure it will trigger a memory or two for some.

Insiders (1991)

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Insiders was co-hosted by Gordon Kennedy in the early 90’s.  An interesting look into Shetland from a comedy viewpoint.  I had forgotten all about this programme until Philip Hunter reminded me of it (cheers!).  If anybody has any more information about the programme or remembers it being filmed then please let me know as Google has failed me on this one. 🙂